Larkspur Past and Present

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Larkspur Past and Present
Larkspur Past and Present, the book for everyone who loves Larkspur, boasts:
• 384 pages of Larkspur history and lore
• Over 600 photographs, many new to this 2010 edition
• Clear maps for walking explorations
• Fascinating stories that reveal unexpected facets of life in Larkspur
• A treasure trove of Larkspur’s architectural gems
• Visits to neighborhoods not included in previous editions

Larkspur Past and Present is filled with surprising facts about the city and its colorful residents! For example:
• One of California's earliest ten-pin bowling alleys operated during the early 1850s in Larkspur's Baltimore Canyon.
• Larkspur’s City Hall was built in just five months at a cost of $15,110.50.
• Leon Uris wrote his acclaimed first novel, Battle Cry, in Larkspur.
• Janis Joplin and other early pop music icons made their homes in Larkspur.

About the Team
More than 100 people contributed thousands of hours of volunteer research, writing, and photography to create the updated Larkspur Past and Present. Members of the team included book and graphics designers; journalists; editors; legal, marketing, cartography and financial experts; photographers, and educators.