Larkspur Library Display Case - September 2019

Kristin Jakob: Botanical Artisit

Born and raised in Marin County, Kristin grew up entranced by the region's extraordinary natural history. Essentially self-taught, Kristin honed her technique at London's Royal College of Art, where she was awarded an M.A. in 1981. She has exhibited widely in the United States and in London. In 2013, Kristin was awarded a Milley for creative achievement in the visual arts by the Mill Valley Arts Commission, and in 2018 was the Featured Artist at the Mill Valley 
Fall Arts Festival.

Artist Statement:

My inspirations are to be found throughout the remarkable world of plants, from the simplest weeds to elaborate horticultural creations, but my favorite subjects are the native plants, fungi, and lichens of California. From a childhood spent exploring the wild places of this state to the present time I spend designing and gardening with a wide diversity of plants, I have found an endless supply of botanical subjects to pay homage to through my art. Accuracy and beauty are equally important goals, and I intend my art to serve as a medium through which my chosen subjects can speak, as it were, for themselves, and reveal their exquisite characters to the viewer. 

Working almost exclusively with live specimens, I begin with a sketch, then a detailed pencil rendering on hot-press, acid-free paper. Then, I apply watercolor, first with small areas of wash, and later with a rather dry paint applied with tiny sable brushes to gradually build up color, depth, and detail. My pen and ink drawings also are started with a pencil drawing, over which the line and stippling are carefully applied with the smallest available Rapidograph pens. Extraneous pencil can be erased once the paint or ink is completely dry.

The Larkspur Library Display Case is located inside the front entrance of the library. The work of local artists is displayed for one month at a time. For more information contact the library at (415) 927-5005.

Kristin Jakob Cardinal Rose