Permits & Fees

Encroachment Permits

- Encroachment Permit Application & Conditions

 - Larkspur Municipal Code Encroachment Permit Requirements

Fee Schedule for 2018-19:

         - Debris Box/ Containers/ Landscape   $165

         - Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk, Driveway Approach  $335

         - Traffic Control Only (One-Day)   $354

         - Utility Service Lateral   $393

         - Utility Structure Inspection; Pole/ Equip. Replacement   $432

         - All Other Encroachment Services   Deposit; TBD

NEW - Use of Public Property Permit
​          - Permit Processing Fee:   $79
​          - Square Footage Area Charge (per SF/day):   $0.02
​            Other
​            - Permit Renewal/Extensions
​                 - Without Change in Project Scope:   $79
​                 - With Change in Project Scope:   Application shall be considered a new project a new project and applicable permit fees
​                   will be calculated based on the scope of the project.
​            - Penalty Fee (work without a permit) - % of Permit Fee:   200%

Moratorium Street List

The list identifies streets that have been recently paved. Per the City of Larkspur's municipal code §15.32.070, no excavation or pavement cutting shall be permitted on newly paved roads for a period of five years.

Grading & Hauling Permits

 - Grading / Hauling Permit Application

 - Larkspur Municipal Code Grading/Hauling Permit Requirements

 - Larkspur Municipal Code Winterization and Erosion Control Requirements


Transportation Permits

 - Transportation Permit Application

Block Party/Street Closure Permit Application

 - Block Party/Street Closure Permit

 - A downtown event application is required if the closure is being requested for Magnolia Avenue. The link to that form can be found here.

Barricade Loan Program

As a courtesy, the Larkspur Public Works Dept. will loan up to 5 barricades to individual citizens and non-profit groups on a temporary basis. This program does not apply to commercial or for-profit groups.

 - Barricade Loan Program Form


Uniform Construction Standards - County of Marin