Building Permit Fees

The City of Larkspur Building Department fees, and other city fees, are updated July 1st, 2021.

Larkspur's building permit fees are valuation based therefore the cost of the project, including design material, and labor (the value of labor must be accounted for even if the property owner is doing the work themselves) must be filled in on the building permit application. 

The plan check fee is 65% of the summation of the base permit fee, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy analysis, CalGreen, and accessibility (commercial only).

If your project adds 500 or more square feet of habitable space to an existing residence a School Facilities Fee will be assessed by the local school district office. This plans fee will need to be paid directly to the local school district office.

For questions or more information, please contact the Building Department at You can also email a set of architectural plans, detailed description and the valuation of the project and we will calculate the plan check fees for you.